Long-cherished “naughty noise(my integra DB8 show-off number)“ and a fusion photograph with the model were able to come out.

She was on investigation it became clear to be the owner of the career that lived in U.S.A. and was moved more since it returned.
I did not think in a dream possibly to come true in such a form either. To be frank, I cannot concentrate on work!!!!!

This model is ANCO@tokyo go-go dancers. She was right the best model!!!!!!

Actually, it will be difficult that I can readily take it with a model even if it is possible to take a photograph by good scenery.

Because it was her that it was gone down most while it had you show a showcase of their tokyo go-go dancers, I was glad at all. I will be right pleased beyond comparison than I get Award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,ANCO@tokyo go-go dancers!!!!

Big respect and large up yourself!!!!!!!